https://priceforstaterep.comMeet Wiley “Chip” Price IV: A lifelong resident of the community. A father. A leader. An unshakeable optimist.

Born into a family of social crusaders and public figures, Wiley’s role in political reform comes naturally.  His mother, Leata Price, has contributed to numerous efforts as a volunteer, sorority member, active member of her church and as a political operative. His father, Wiley Price III, is an award-winning photojournalist for the St. Louis American newspaper. His talent and work has been celebrated globally. Wiley leads a life dedicated to cheerfully giving back to a community that has made him into the civil advocate he is today.

https://priceforstaterep.comWiley’s special upbringing and a lineage of community activism enabled him to learn from and become friends with many who are leaders in our great city.  He is committed to sharing these same experiences with his daughter.

As a person that has spent almost his entire life in the 84th legislative district, he understands the demands of each and every corner of the district.

The 84th is an eclectic hub that includes the City of St. Louis’ economic and cultural engine, the Central West End, the established area known as “Dogtown,” and the more challenged area north that has suffered from high unemployment, economic disinvestment, a lack of quality employment opportunities and unstable housing. This district requires a representative that not only understands the issues but is also able to successfully maneuver through the nuances of each block of the district.

When he’s not campaigning for social justice, you’ll find Wiley working as a Director at the Platinum Group and giving back as a Sports and Life Skills Coach for the youth.

In Wiley’s relentless fight for change in Saint Louis and in Jefferson City, his focus is on:

-Strengthening and improving the education system

-Fighting for Women’s rights

-Developing community-based programs

-Attracting jobs and businesses to the district

-Reducing crime

-Improving the district’s housing stock

-Fighting to increase minimum wage

-Working against the right to work (for less)

-Protecting senior rights

-Working against the extreme “right wing” agenda in Jefferson City

Committed to reclaiming and reviving the heart of his community, Wiley is seeking election to the Missouri House of Representatives from the 84th District.

On Tuesday August 7, 2018 please vote for Wiley Price IV for State Representative.

Please reach out with any questions. Or,  if you require a ride to the polls, need an absentee ballot or just have comments at either (314) 266-9843 or email