Karla May, 84 District State Representative

Saint Louis American Newspaper

Freeman Bosley Jr., Esq., Former Mayor

William “Lacy” Clay, First Congressional District Congressman

Rev. Darryl Gray

Lewis Reed, President of the BoA

Comptroller Darlene Green

1st Ward Regular Democratic Organization

1st Ward Democrats

4th Ward Democrats

18th Regular Ward Democrat Organization

22nd Ward Democratic Organization 26th

26th Ward Democratic Organization

Sharon Tyus, 1st Ward Alderwoman

Sam Moore, 4th Ward Alderman

Jeffery Boyd, 22nd Ward Alderman

Terri Powers, 24th Ward Committeewoman

Frank Williamson, 26th Ward Alderman

Ollie Stewart, Former 6th Ward committeewoman

Michael Butler, Missouri State Representative

Coalition of Black Trade Unionist


“Mr. Wiley Price has the internal fortitude to stand for legislation that will balance the scales between residents and corporations. It is extremely important to have a voice for the people that will protect their interest in government, and not allow scales to be tilted in favor of the corporate lobbyist. I believe Mr. Wiley Price is that voice.” -Karla May, 84 District State Representative

“Wiley will be a true representative of the 84th District. His experiences, relationships and knowledge of the conditions and people throughout the district means that he is prepared.” -Freeman Bosley Jr., Esq., Former Mayor

“What this district needs is an honest and compassionate representative of the people. Wiley’s opponent is a lawyer who represents corporations against workers, minorities and women who file discrimination suits against their employers. In this race the difference is clear: WILEY PRICE.” –Jay Ozier, President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionist